The cat rescuers

A 24 Cats Per Second Production
Year: 2019
Film Format: DCP and Blu-ray
Origin: USA
Runtime: 87 mins

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With over 500,000 streets cats struggling to survive in NYC, and the city unwilling to address the problem, spirited volunteers like Sassee, Claire, Stu and Tara have come to their aid. Their beat is Brooklyn, where the problem has exploded. Combing the borough’s alleys, backyards and housing projects, they trap the cats, get them fixed and returned to their colonies, or adopted.

THE CAT RESCUERS shows the skill, resilience, and humor these volunteer activists display in the face of such challenging work, and how their mission to reduce animal suffering—often at great sacrifice to themselves—makes a difference for the animals and the community, while changing the rescuers’ lives. THE CAT RESCUERS had its world premiere at the 2018 Hamptons International Film Festival, where it won the Zelda Penzel “Giving Voice to the Voiceless” Award.

Directed by Rob Fruchtman and Steven Lawrence

Music by Hahn Rowe

The Cat Rescuers is a sponsored project of IFP.