The Green Fog

(An Extra Large Production in association with Stanford Live and the San Francisco Film Festival).

Year: 2017
Film Format: DCP, Blu-ray and DVD
Origin: USA
Runtime: 63 mins

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THE GREEN FOG, created by filmmaker/cultural iconoclast Guy Maddin with co-directors Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson, with composer Jacob Garchik and Kronos Quartet, pays homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s spellbinding Vertigo. Inventive and invigorating, this “San Francisco Fantasia” is lauded by the New York Times as “a marvel of film scholarship.” It’s also a lot of fun. Maddin, working with his Forbidden Room collaborators, set himself the challenge to remake Vertigo without using footage from the Hitchcock classic, creating a “parallel-universe version,” in his words. Using Bay Area footage from a variety of sources—studio classics, ‘50s noir, experimental films, and ‘70s prime-time TV—and employing Maddin’s mastery of assemblage, the result exerts the inexorable pull of Hitchcock’s tale of erotic obsession while paying tribute to the city of San Francisco.

Guy Maddin (Director)

Through 12 features and many shorts, adventurous artist Guy Maddin exhibits the rare ability to simultaneously subvert and honor the craft of filmmaking. His credits include the Emmy Award-winning ballet film Dracula: Pages From A Virgin’s Diary (2002); The Saddest Music in the World (2003); My Winnipeg (2007); and US National Society of Film Critics Best Experimental Film Prize-winners Archangel (1990) and The Heart of the World (2000). Maddin was Visiting Lecturer on Visual and Environmental Studies, 2015–16, at Harvard University, and is a member of The Order of Canada & The Order of Manitoba.  

Evan Johnson (Director)

Evan Johnson is a writer and filmmaker living in Winnipeg with his girlfriend and son. He studied film and philosophy at the University of Manitoba and worked at Winnipeg's Rug Doctor chemical bottling plant before being discovered there by Guy Maddin. He co-directed his first feature, The Forbidden Room (2015) with Maddin, and has made a handful of his own short films.

Galen Johnson (Director)

Galen Johnson worked for several years in the architecture industry before working as Production Designer, Title Designer, and Composer on The Forbidden Room (2015). He has since gone on to co-direct Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton (2015), the experimental short film website Séances (2016), and Vertigo remake The Green Fog (2017) all with Guy Maddin and Evan Johnson.

Jacob Garchik (Composer)

Since 2006, multi-instrumentalist and composer Jacob Garchik has contributed dozens of arrangements and transcriptions for Kronos Quartet of music from all over the world. His arrangements were featured on “Floodplain” (2009), “Rainbow” (2010) and “A Thousand Thoughts” (2014). He composed the score for Kronos for the documentary The Campaign (2013), and most recently, The Green Fog (2017), which critics call “bewitching” and “mesmerizing”.

Kronos Quartet (Score)

In a career spanning over four decades, Kronos Quartet remains the foremost string quartet of our time, continually reimagining the art of chamber music through daring exchanges across genres, while collecting accolades and awards too many to list. Kronos’ collaborators include composers, rock stars, virtuoso instrumentalists, and renowned choreographers, engaging artists of all stripes the world over. Of course, music for film hasn’t escaped the Kronos reach, and their evocative performance of Jacob Garchik’s subtle score for The Green Fog is yet another example of the quartet’s urgently nuanced power.